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While pointing out the stupidity of white people being given scholarships because they’re white (because we’re not given enough privileges apparently) I was told to “keep [my] liberal opinions to [myself]. Sometimes I forget how closed minded my family is, and I’m glad I was able to escape from that ignorance.

The worst part is that they’re unwilling to change.



me at work

This speaks to me on a spiritual level. 

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Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be able to walk down the street without being cat called/wolf whistled/shouted at/honked at/stalked.



Today on the bus: a man in his 50s is sleeping in his seat, his legs sticking out in the aisle. I end up standing right next to him. The bus is crowded and I’m waiting impatiently for my stop. Someone accidentally pushes me forward and I barely brush against the sleeping guy.

He wakes up and…


You are not some kind of a saint because you “still think women are beautiful” without makeup on. You do not get brownie points for not being disgusted by women in their natural state. Some women wear a little makeup, some women wear a lot, some women wear none at all and men’s opinions about it are less than worthless. Because we don’t fucking wear it for you.

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